10 Things We Can All Do That Doesn’t Hurt


The health of a nation is the wealth of nation.  It is not just physical health but our mental and moral health. There are things which cost little but go a long way to increasing our commonwealth. This has to do with our individual values and how we relate with one another. Check out these ten little things you can start doing that cost little and doesn’t hurt;

  1. It doesn’t hurt to admit you are wrong, it frees the mind to learn
  2. It doesn’t hurt to live a principled life. Enough of the mess already
  3. It doesn’t hurt to give 110% effort. The extra is stuff of the extraordinary
  4. It doesn’t hurt to complement and compliment others, it is worthwhile investment
  5. It doesn’t hurt to live within your means, that’s no 1 key to financial success
  6. It doesn’t hurt to be always set a good example, that’s your legacy
  7. It doesn’t hurt to say the truth; the truth sets you free
  8. It doesn’t hurt to take responsibility, that’s the first step to becoming a leader
  9. It doesn’t hurt to duck your pride, pride goes before fall
  10. It doesn’t hurt to help the sick and the needy, you are the real MVP.


Are the happy ones aliens?

Have you ever met anyone that is all smiles every time? With constant news of war, famine, disappointment, betrayal, loss, discontentment and household or workplace bickering and backstabbing, is it still possible to be find happiness in all of these? Do happy fellows go through LIFE at all? Yes they do, and they are among us. Regardless of how rich or poor, old or young, male or female, tall or short, we all go through LIFE. Life has its ups and down. These aliens don’t look into others to be happy, they are internally wired, self-motivated, see humor in everything and keep smiley faces. They don’t take their self too serious, nether take things too serious but they are serious about their craft and can be tough when required. (more…)