The Script and the Play


On a hill far away stood my rescue team!

I am being caged in a makeshift hole where I took temporary residence as a result of a civil war unrest in my town. I struggled with malnutrition, pain, physical injuries and untold darkness. My life is missing from reality and reality is shifted from my life. It seems I had no control, writhing in my pain, I lost all hope. I heard there is a rescue team, it was all a rumor, and my day never met the savior. I want to believe a lie to lift my spirit but all I hear is the sound of war and the resulting casualties. My city is destroyed, my mind is distraught and my hope is dead. No tales by the moonlight, no soccer, no more amusement, no more happiness. I dreamt the end but I went through hell.  May be, there is a life after death, this is looking like death after life and seems I am running someone else’s script.

My loss was my all but my all is gone. I never stood a chance, and see my very existence zapped from me. But on the very day I was going to bid time the longest bye, I became woken. I took to conference my faculty and my heart. I spoke to myself, “there is no fancy way to die, but I can create my own fantasy”.  I am crippled with fear, wounded in body, and sullen in feelings but all I am doing is fulfilling another man’s script. I can write my own script and be the main act. Be it as it may, re-write defeated by uncontrollable circumstances but redirected by the will of my power and exertion of strength. By this very act, I survived till the rescue team came. This is the game changer! You are the script and the play. The real defeat is not what happens to us but what happens within us.

New Year Resolution: Offloading Deadweight

blank list of resolutions on blackboard

As we are gearing up into the New Year, this moment is the perfect time to review, reflect and react. Consider yourself as a ship that has limited capacity on what it can accommodate for it to transit between shores. When a ship is overloaded, it begins to sink because it is running on over capacity.

The year 2014 probably for most of us came with its ups and down, peak and valley, wax and wane. At the beginning of the year, most of us had that thought of what we hope to achieve at the turn of the year. Some of us even penned this down to keep track of goals as they are being met. However, as for many of us, it was all a dream that never materialized. Would you know what is holding you back? (more…)