Tapping into the Power of Compliment


As a manager, a good compliment to your team might just save your best employees from going to the competition. As parent a real compliment can help reinforce positive behaviors in your kids. A fine compliment can help mend a broken relationship and restore hope. A true compliment to a neighbor or colleague can improve a sense of belongingness and acceptance. A timely compliment can inspire great things in others. A sincere compliment can uplift spirits and empower lost souls. A good compliment is not pride, is not flirtatious, is not artificial and it is not far-reaching for anything than admiring good traits and qualities in the other person.


A Guy’s Game Point on First Date


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Last night I went to a Thai restaurant with my project team. It was one of the first of many outings we planned to kick off the holiday celebration. This particular restaurant in the exchange district was plan B, everyone’s favorite was closed for the holidays. At least some of my team members have been to this place and they think it offers similar experience. I was the last guy to join the team as I was running status report for end of day. I walked in 30 minutes late and thought people would have placed order but to my surprise they are still waiting for an attendant to take their orders. Nevertheless, we pre-booked earlier and confirmed our reservation.

Shortly the attendant came by to take orders and apologized for the lackluster customer service. We all took our orders. I ordered shrimp rolls and the Vietnamese pho with 10/10 spice. And there we are, chatting and exchanging friendly vibes expecting orders to come by at most in 30 minutes. To our utmost surprise, we did not have orders fulfilled until 90 minutes later. I was dying of hunger, the vibes were not sufficient to harness those pangs in my stomach. (more…)

The Essence of Beauty

“Life is beautiful”…. Yea right! You got $1million in trust fund bequeath you, a nice country house and fast car to make you say that. Well, I am not about that, I’d wish I had those niceties but not in grasp. There is more to life than what flashes the eye or looks appealing to sight. Money does not buy happiness but can create what you fancy.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Recently I have noticed that what forms my reality is not what happens around me but what happens in me. Every day as I grapple with daily pecks of life’s challenges and survival, there are damning issues of life and my very tissues respond in complex altitudes. I bother sometimes, “why do I have to react that way”, “it wasn’t that bad after all”, “if only I had tried a little patience or tenderness”. These feelings buffet me and drains me of daily dose of joy. (more…)

25 Reasons Why You Should Not Marry

wedding couples

The thought of marriage can be scary in this pop culture where the institution has been rightly maligned by the very parties that should have upheld the tenets of the union ‘the husband and the wife’. Marriage is not a playing ground; neither is it a testing site to practice the craft of bonding. It is Showtime and many couple falters as expectations become farther from reality day by day.

When I was younger, I told my dad that marriage is not meant for me just because I do not want to be hurt or hurt someone. But then in my culture, it is expected after school, get a job. When gainfully employed, marriage should be your next agenda. A year later everyone, even your pets are expecting your first born, and this be done at age 30.

In my little exposure and from years of counseling others, I have come to understand that marriage is not meant for everyone. And it will be good for someone to understand what is being requested of the institution and ask ‘am I cut for all these’? Below I highlight from my own experience 25 reasons why you should not marry; (more…)

What’s Your Selling Point?


Selling isn’t part of the game, selling is the game.

I remembered when I was first introduced to UPS- unique selling point or proposition. It sounded like another cliché or the courier company. I have come to understand that UPS which also will mean selling point is basically your coveted strengths and harnessed opportunities. Your selling point is what unique potential or talent you have that differentiates from the other 7 billion people on this planet. How is that even possible in this copycat culture? Yes, that is possible. (more…)

Seven Ways To Dealing With Heartbreak


How do you recover from a broken heart? You gave your time, money, your patience, your body and your secrets out and it’s all thrown back at you like a piece of trash. Oh yes, most of us must have gone through familiar cycle of desertion in relationship or marriage. ‘How do I continue, even If I pretend? I cannot sleep in the night. The ache I feel in my soul cannot be assuaged by the most profound combinations of pills. Is this life? Get trodden or trolled? You’re a loser in both ways.’ Read Dianne full story below;

I got back from a really stressful day at work at the new site of my interior design project. I sipped some juice, clear out the garbage for the council and hurriedly navigate down the community soccer field in the suburbs. I promised my daughter I was going to attend the evening soccer game where she’s the goal. I’d expected Brad to meet me up at the venue.

I was fully immersed into the game now that it is a tie and both teams pressing hard into each other’s box 32 to edge a win. It is 7:30 in the evening, but Brad is yet to show up. Time clocks forward, game is over, it finished with a 2-2 tie, and time is quarter past 8, still no show or scintilla of Brad. This is unusual of my boyfriend of the last three and the half years. (more…)

The Beautiful Attraction and Distraction of the Feminine Gender


Have you ever considered the world made of only men? That would have been the most unimaginable boring world. In popular old culture, the masculine gender runs the show. They are everywhere, from the factory, office to the fore front of technological advancement. Could this be that the ‘man’ is the only entity that can keep the human race and animal world fueled.

When you look into history either through the lens of the evolution of man by Charles Darwin or creation as documented in the book of genesis. The man is a product of the woman, yet the woman is the by-product of the man, so the man is intertwined with the woman. ‘Wo-man’, not only is a man with womb but a man with much width- the curves and cleavages. Say no more, son! (more…)