The Victory In The Storm

When there is no storm, there is no danger

Where there is no danger, there is no fear

Where there is no fear, there is no testing

Where there is no testing, there is no learning

Where there is no learning, there is no growth

Where there is no growth, there is no performance,

Where there is no performance, there is no success

Where there is no success, there is no fulfilment

Where there is no fulfilment, there is no achievement 

Where there is no achievement, there is no victory

Ten Ways To Improving Your Relationship


The beautiful thing about life is that we can share our entire life with the love of our life. Relationship often goes in cycle and needs to be balanced to have continuity. What and who is most important person in our life will drive the need to have a relationship in the first place. As all relationship, for it to work, we must be working at it constantly. Not on valentine day, anniversary day, desperate days, good or bad days but every day. No matter how great a relationship is every relationship always has an area of improvement. Below I briefly highlight ten ways to improving a relationship; (more…)

Creating Your Reality

Reality Ph1

It is okay not to have iPhone, all the girls in your class has it but you enjoy your old nokia

It is okay not to leave a life of falsehood just to fit in the brotherhood

It is okay to always want to have it simple, big is expensive and carries weight

What is not okay is pretending to tag along

No trouble no fun

It is okay to be out of ideas, may be that was the idea

It is okay to wear sweat pants on J’s, yo feelin’ yourself

No one misses you while you’re lost, find yourself first (more…)

Will History Remember?

Veteran _ Anna Hoffman

Veteran Anna Hoffman of New Jersey Regent. Source: sfcmac.wordpress

I once heard the parrots in a neighbor’s main lobby whisper that legacy is for the blind. I tried to reason like I always do with species beneath human best intelligence. But then, I was so furious I want to get into the discussion and have a debate like one of them “fellas”.

The unthoughtful may choose to forget, the careless care less anyways, the hardened may block reasoning, or newbies become blind to the sacrifices of past heroes but history will never forget those who fought hard for what we all enjoy even if taken for granted. Time passes all and moments speed by our notice but history will always remember those who fought hard, not the chickens. (more…)

New Year Resolution: Offloading Deadweight

blank list of resolutions on blackboard

As we are gearing up into the New Year, this moment is the perfect time to review, reflect and react. Consider yourself as a ship that has limited capacity on what it can accommodate for it to transit between shores. When a ship is overloaded, it begins to sink because it is running on over capacity.

The year 2014 probably for most of us came with its ups and down, peak and valley, wax and wane. At the beginning of the year, most of us had that thought of what we hope to achieve at the turn of the year. Some of us even penned this down to keep track of goals as they are being met. However, as for many of us, it was all a dream that never materialized. Would you know what is holding you back? (more…)

What’s Your Selling Point?


Selling isn’t part of the game, selling is the game.

I remembered when I was first introduced to UPS- unique selling point or proposition. It sounded like another cliché or the courier company. I have come to understand that UPS which also will mean selling point is basically your coveted strengths and harnessed opportunities. Your selling point is what unique potential or talent you have that differentiates from the other 7 billion people on this planet. How is that even possible in this copycat culture? Yes, that is possible. (more…)