The Future Belongs to the Fast


Where are we? My niece once asked me when driving across town to visit a relative. I looked bemused. Didn’t I tell you we are going to see a family relative and it’s a 2 hours drive. Why is she asking where are we? I replied we are in Jupiter. We live through life and forget that we are traveling across ages. Life is fast and fast is life. We are experiencing an explosion of knowledge, technology, complex social challenges and weather climate change. There are more changes in this era than all the previous era combined (the stone age, machine age, industrial revolution, modern and post-modern). I am not sure what to call the present. There is no present anymore, it is the future.

The change we are talking about is not a new change, but this rate of change is speeding up.  The world is changing at accelerated change. Transportation, telecommunications, housing, schooling, government, media, and enterprise…. everything is changing too soon. Can you picture what your current career was like in ten years ago, do you notice any changes? Now expect triple the changes in the next ten years. Are you ready for it or you are just there waiting for retirement? Unexpectedly, folks get laid-off while just waiting. In this new world order, you don’t sit there and just wait, even waiters and waitress have mobility. Nokia, the biggest telephone company in the world in the 90’s was caught off-guard by just waiting. They did nothing wrong but before countdown to sunrise they were out of business in the new millenium.  (more…)

Living In The Past


One of the best decisions in life one can make is dealing with present reality by managing attending situations of life within contemporary means. It is often said that it is the decisions made and actions undertaken in the past that brought us where we are now. That is looking at it from a systemic angle.

With life come choices and chances. There is different between stand-up and stand-up now. You can easily recall how many times you came late to the party (delayed in taking a necessary step to achieving a portion of success). Mind you, the world comes with its surprises. Even the most gifted aren’t the most celebrated but the fortunate.  We are fortunate with a lot of things but who can discern the unfortunate circumstances of life. The designer of the universe knows better than we mortals. (more…)



I often hear repeated moaning  “why I don’t have the opportunity some of these successful people like Steve Jobs, Barack Obama, Kiichiro Toyoda, Jack Welch, Tiger Woods, Michael Eisner or Beyonce”. I just thought of something, these are not overnight success. Were they talented? Yes they are, am I different… I suck, I get it. But wait, come to think of it, these people could have only climbed up because they were successful on a platform, and from there propels to a bigger platform and they keep going at it. Every one started from somewhere,  Apple started from a garage, Coca-Cola  from carbonated water, Disney from Mickey…. what am I starting? How do I get better at it? …..

What is my platform? Forget about tomorrow, just here and now. My platform could be my five team members in my company, my country neighborhood, my grade 10 class, or the front counter at Walmart. What impact have I made in my circle of influence that warrants the world to give me a bigger stage?