Tapping into the Power of Compliment


As a manager, a good compliment to your team might just save your best employees from going to the competition. As parent a real compliment can help reinforce positive behaviors in your kids. A fine compliment can help mend a broken relationship and restore hope. A true compliment to a neighbor or colleague can improve a sense of belongingness and acceptance. A timely compliment can inspire great things in others. A sincere compliment can uplift spirits and empower lost souls. A good compliment is not pride, is not flirtatious, is not artificial and it is not far-reaching for anything than admiring good traits and qualities in the other person.



Are the happy ones aliens?

Have you ever met anyone that is all smiles every time? With constant news of war, famine, disappointment, betrayal, loss, discontentment and household or workplace bickering and backstabbing, is it still possible to be find happiness in all of these? Do happy fellows go through LIFE at all? Yes they do, and they are among us. Regardless of how rich or poor, old or young, male or female, tall or short, we all go through LIFE. Life has its ups and down. These aliens don’t look into others to be happy, they are internally wired, self-motivated, see humor in everything and keep smiley faces. They don’t take their self too serious, nether take things too serious but they are serious about their craft and can be tough when required. (more…)