Where Do You Stand


I stand for equality
I stand for justice
I stand for righteousness
I stand for education
I stand for freedom
I stand for transparency
I stand for governance
I stand for good hygiene
I stand for food for all
I stand for water for all
I stand for power for all
I stand for shelter for all

Where do you stand?

My Super Smart Salad


Y’all check out my super smart salad! Smart? Like how? Yea! Like the Samsung smart TV. Do not test me, I’ve aced already. I can instruct this salad to talk. It has so many nutrients including vitamins, minerals, protein, cabs … I can dialogue with. In fact, if I want I can dial up protein, or ping cabs… yes! I can do all that. Right now, I just want to Tumblr on the fruit. This is a super smart salad, no kidding hey! It has the perfect blend of a balanced diet. Stay with me….

My super smart salad allows you to do all those ‘smart’ things you do with a smart TV Set. For instance, a smart TV comes with video conferencing, I can share my salad with friends and family real time without internet brouhaha. My dinning is my conference room. My social integration is so much on point! My eating spoon is the remote. I can decide to take a chunk of the pomegranate arils or squeeze out the blueberry juice for additional excitement. (more…)


king taster

Who has cooked food and looks so good on the face but the taste is disaster? I once did that to a large group of guests, and I choose not to taste the food because I was so sure of the cooking arrangement. That day, yet to take my bath in the early morning, it was my ethos not to taste anything called food until I brushed and had shower in the morning.
The menu that fateful morning was boiled yam and fried egg. I use spice just like the Chinese when doing my fried egg. Yam was perfectly boiled and good to go. I took my time and added some cayenne pepper, sardine, sesame oil, onions, blended pepper and tomatoes, thyme and magi cubes. It was going to be luscious super. However it was disaster, all other ingredients and spices were good but the egg was spoilt. When I cracked the egg, I did not notice any unfamiliar smell, neither was the yoke out of order. My greatest undoing was I took the time to carefully prepare the meal for the guests without tasting the dishes. (more…)