Where Do You Stand


I stand for equality
I stand for justice
I stand for righteousness
I stand for education
I stand for freedom
I stand for transparency
I stand for governance
I stand for good hygiene
I stand for food for all
I stand for water for all
I stand for power for all
I stand for shelter for all

Where do you stand?

The Future Belongs to the Fast


Where are we? My niece once asked me when driving across town to visit a relative. I looked bemused. Didn’t I tell you we are going to see a family relative and it’s a 2 hours drive. Why is she asking where are we? I replied we are in Jupiter. We live through life and forget that we are traveling across ages. Life is fast and fast is life. We are experiencing an explosion of knowledge, technology, complex social challenges and weather climate change. There are more changes in this era than all the previous era combined (the stone age, machine age, industrial revolution, modern and post-modern). I am not sure what to call the present. There is no present anymore, it is the future.

The change we are talking about is not a new change, but this rate of change is speeding up.  The world is changing at accelerated change. Transportation, telecommunications, housing, schooling, government, media, and enterprise…. everything is changing too soon. Can you picture what your current career was like in ten years ago, do you notice any changes? Now expect triple the changes in the next ten years. Are you ready for it or you are just there waiting for retirement? Unexpectedly, folks get laid-off while just waiting. In this new world order, you don’t sit there and just wait, even waiters and waitress have mobility. Nokia, the biggest telephone company in the world in the 90’s was caught off-guard by just waiting. They did nothing wrong but before countdown to sunrise they were out of business in the new millenium.  (more…)

Celebrate Yourself


It was a sunny day in Japuta, an island north of the fossil mountains. There goes a young hunter named Nick arriving from a five days sojourn in the forest. He lived beside the dark forest which leads to the greenest meadows and gargantuan fountain with the purest water you ever found. But no one dare go through the dark forest except you are on a suicide mission. The forest in recent times became the dwelling of wild life including cat family, reptiles and bears. In the time past, it was not so. Most residents where farmers, hunters, scavengers and adventurers. They were able to create a formidable network of fighters and artisans who designed and built a path through the dark forest that no wild life can penetrate.

Nick as a young hunter is a descendant of the first chief hunter in Japuta. He possesses accurate marksmanship, steel, rugged and able to dissolve threat easily. He survives by hunting game, nuts, berries and rummaging the forest for vintage treasures. He was being courted by many young women. He often tells them story of his different conquests and how beautiful the pasture and fountain beyond the dangerous dark forest of Japuta. He alone goes into the dark forest and hunt as civilization made residents to turn back on such venture and thus, redirected their wards to western education. (more…)

What’s Your Selling Point?


Selling isn’t part of the game, selling is the game.

I remembered when I was first introduced to UPS- unique selling point or proposition. It sounded like another cliché or the courier company. I have come to understand that UPS which also will mean selling point is basically your coveted strengths and harnessed opportunities. Your selling point is what unique potential or talent you have that differentiates from the other 7 billion people on this planet. How is that even possible in this copycat culture? Yes, that is possible. (more…)


If we can stop world war 2, we can stop rape

If we can stop world war 2, we can stop rape


As I parade this new thoughts of mine. I hope you join me in raising the flag campaign ‘IF YOU CANNOT MAKE HER, DON’T RAPE HER’. Let’s hop on this horse and make the world a better place for all.

About 1 in 5 women report having experienced rape or attempted rape at some point in their lives, according to a 2011 Centers of Disease Control and Prevention survey. Yet rape remains one of the most significantly underreported crimes; only about three out of every 100 rapists serve time, according to the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network

This piece represents the final chapter on the topic I have been ruminating these past few weeks. I have once imagined a world where our girls and children, our wife and mother, our boys and men would walk and live freely and secured in their neighborhoods without the fear or possibility of sexual violence or rape. Can we get there? Hmnnn… Yes, may be! Only if we were in Jupiter, some will say. All human vices can be tamed and control, only if there are more dis-incentives then incentives to commit those grievous crime against humanity. Where do we stand? Let’s ask Ms. Pepples (to get full idea of Ms. Pepples, please read part-1 and part-2) (more…)