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I Feel For Ya


We are all on the run; the highway of life
Some navigating to the bypass of “nothingness”
Some are stuck in the junction
While a few did made it home

One runner said “look here for a moment”
Mother “I made it”, yay “I nailed it”
…And it was worth it but I’ve seen terrible things
Many things trouble me but these few give me more concern

The nude lady who moans of being catcalled


Ten Ways To Improving Your Relationship


The beautiful thing about life is that we can share our entire life with the love of our life. Relationship often goes in cycle and needs to be balanced to have continuity. What and who is most important person in our life will drive the need to have a relationship in the first place. As all relationship, for it to work, we must be working at it constantly. Not on valentine day, anniversary day, desperate days, good or bad days but every day. No matter how great a relationship is every relationship always has an area of improvement. Below I briefly highlight ten ways to improving a relationship; (more…)

Let’s Have A Lot of Sex

sex sex sex

Let’s have a lot of sex but a promising one

Let’s have a lot of sex but a feel good sex

Let’s have a lot of sex but not a feel bad sex

Let’s have a lot of sex but a win-win sex (more…)

A Guy’s Game Point on First Date


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Last night I went to a Thai restaurant with my project team. It was one of the first of many outings we planned to kick off the holiday celebration. This particular restaurant in the exchange district was plan B, everyone’s favorite was closed for the holidays. At least some of my team members have been to this place and they think it offers similar experience. I was the last guy to join the team as I was running status report for end of day. I walked in 30 minutes late and thought people would have placed order but to my surprise they are still waiting for an attendant to take their orders. Nevertheless, we pre-booked earlier and confirmed our reservation.

Shortly the attendant came by to take orders and apologized for the lackluster customer service. We all took our orders. I ordered shrimp rolls and the Vietnamese pho with 10/10 spice. And there we are, chatting and exchanging friendly vibes expecting orders to come by at most in 30 minutes. To our utmost surprise, we did not have orders fulfilled until 90 minutes later. I was dying of hunger, the vibes were not sufficient to harness those pangs in my stomach. (more…)

When It Comes To Sex, Everyone Is A Suspect


It was a foggy Sunday morning, and it is customary for the family to attend quarterly thanksgiving service at the city cathedral. It was going to be a communion service and catching up on familiar faces that were off due to the recent winter break. Elizabeth and Rick have been married for a decade and blessed with two beautiful daughters – Kate and Grace. Rick is an ordained minister in their local church. It is 7am in the morning, the alarm rung and it is time to take shower and have breakfast. Everyone getting prepared but Rick is nowhere to be found. Elizabeth suspects he must be out jogging in the early morning or busy on his laptop in the attic room. Service starts by 9am, the family is expected to leave home for church by 8:40am. It normally takes them between 15minutes to drive to church.

Where is Dad? Shouted Grace, the youngest of their children. In no time, in frenzy utterance, she called her dad out again. This is because she will be participating in a lip sync battle at the morning Sunday school. Mom, where is daddy? Is he not taking us to church this morning? I am having a lip sync battle in the junior church, I don’t want to be late. In a stern response “Hey sweetie, Dad is somewhere preparing as well, now finish eating your cereals so I can clean up’. Albeit, Elizabeth does not have an inkling of Rick’s whereabouts. She saw him last when he used the bathroom few minutes after the alarm buzzed. (more…)

Seven Ways To Dealing With Heartbreak


How do you recover from a broken heart? You gave your time, money, your patience, your body and your secrets out and it’s all thrown back at you like a piece of trash. Oh yes, most of us must have gone through familiar cycle of desertion in relationship or marriage. ‘How do I continue, even If I pretend? I cannot sleep in the night. The ache I feel in my soul cannot be assuaged by the most profound combinations of pills. Is this life? Get trodden or trolled? You’re a loser in both ways.’ Read Dianne full story below;

I got back from a really stressful day at work at the new site of my interior design project. I sipped some juice, clear out the garbage for the council and hurriedly navigate down the community soccer field in the suburbs. I promised my daughter I was going to attend the evening soccer game where she’s the goal. I’d expected Brad to meet me up at the venue.

I was fully immersed into the game now that it is a tie and both teams pressing hard into each other’s box 32 to edge a win. It is 7:30 in the evening, but Brad is yet to show up. Time clocks forward, game is over, it finished with a 2-2 tie, and time is quarter past 8, still no show or scintilla of Brad. This is unusual of my boyfriend of the last three and the half years. (more…)