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10 Things We Can All Do That Doesn’t Hurt


The health of a nation is the wealth of nation.  It is not just physical health but our mental and moral health. There are things which cost little but go a long way to increasing our commonwealth. This has to do with our individual values and how we relate with one another. Check out these ten little things you can start doing that cost little and doesn’t hurt;

  1. It doesn’t hurt to admit you are wrong, it frees the mind to learn
  2. It doesn’t hurt to live a principled life. Enough of the mess already
  3. It doesn’t hurt to give 110% effort. The extra is stuff of the extraordinary
  4. It doesn’t hurt to complement and compliment others, it is worthwhile investment
  5. It doesn’t hurt to live within your means, that’s no 1 key to financial success
  6. It doesn’t hurt to be always set a good example, that’s your legacy
  7. It doesn’t hurt to say the truth; the truth sets you free
  8. It doesn’t hurt to take responsibility, that’s the first step to becoming a leader
  9. It doesn’t hurt to duck your pride, pride goes before fall
  10. It doesn’t hurt to help the sick and the needy, you are the real MVP.

Where Do You Stand


I stand for equality
I stand for justice
I stand for righteousness
I stand for education
I stand for freedom
I stand for transparency
I stand for governance
I stand for good hygiene
I stand for food for all
I stand for water for all
I stand for power for all
I stand for shelter for all

Where do you stand?

The Future Belongs to the Fast


Where are we? My niece once asked me when driving across town to visit a relative. I looked bemused. Didn’t I tell you we are going to see a family relative and it’s a 2 hours drive. Why is she asking where are we? I replied we are in Jupiter. We live through life and forget that we are traveling across ages. Life is fast and fast is life. We are experiencing an explosion of knowledge, technology, complex social challenges and weather climate change. There are more changes in this era than all the previous era combined (the stone age, machine age, industrial revolution, modern and post-modern). I am not sure what to call the present. There is no present anymore, it is the future.

The change we are talking about is not a new change, but this rate of change is speeding up.  The world is changing at accelerated change. Transportation, telecommunications, housing, schooling, government, media, and enterprise…. everything is changing too soon. Can you picture what your current career was like in ten years ago, do you notice any changes? Now expect triple the changes in the next ten years. Are you ready for it or you are just there waiting for retirement? Unexpectedly, folks get laid-off while just waiting. In this new world order, you don’t sit there and just wait, even waiters and waitress have mobility. Nokia, the biggest telephone company in the world in the 90’s was caught off-guard by just waiting. They did nothing wrong but before countdown to sunrise they were out of business in the new millenium.  (more…)

The Palace of Mistakes


Welcome to realness. This guy spits some real.

The breadth of life’s daily up and down is the time clock of our very existence. The world is a beauty of imperfect souls in a perfect space of time. The critical member of this imperfection is the boodle of mistakes we commit in our endeavor to a better expression of self.

We are often relegated to the thought that the mistakes we make defines us as we are all human. I resent such character appropriation. How we ‘right’ our wrongs defines us. No matter how deepened are the wounds, sullen the relationship or messy that fallout; we failing to act to correct our wrongs is building a comfy palace of mistakes. (more…)



Adulthood is not age 18 above, adults are people who can fess up and create the world they want and yet ready to take responsibilities for the choices they make in life. Maturity is not age, it is ability to express oneself within the bounds of dignity. In fact, there is no such thing as maturity, we are constantly evolving. At least, an adult is matured enough to make changes in their life rather than make excuses. Check out what adults do day in day out


He who must eat, must work. When you are younger probably you couldn’t care less about work. Dad and mum or the social service must provide food on the table. When you become a full adult, time for play dials down. If we sleep for 30% of our lives, you can imagine we probably work more, for at least 35% if you are lucky. Adulthood sometimes looks like a prankster, it just tricks you. Before you say Jack Robinson, you got dunked! (more…)

Happy New Month! Hit For Gold



Your dreams are possible

With more faith, dedication and hard work they can come to reality

Where you are right now should not deter you from where you want to be

The distance between your reality and your dream is time

What you do with your time transcends to what happens after

Take your chance this month and hit for gold