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10 Things To Consider When Co-Leasing


While starting a business and at the same time searching for a strategic location in the market you are looking for can be challenging. With the prices of property rising at the turn of each year, you wonder if it is possible to have a wall and brick location for your new business idea or non-profit.

Your business can be so many things but cannot afford to be far away from its intended niche. The more traffic you have, the better chance of turning a profitable venture or a fulfilling non-profit organization. However, for new business owners, a commercial lease is a daunting and herculean undertaking that requires inventive research and diligence.

I currently have the same challenge of getting a sizable location for a non-profit I chair. It dawned on me that I could do a co-lease with another non-profit since most of our programs runs in the evenings and weekend. That was how we got another non-profit to co-lease with us who are also looking for same opportunity. Below are some of the factors I considered;


Seven Ways To Dealing With Heartbreak


How do you recover from a broken heart? You gave your time, money, your patience, your body and your secrets out and it’s all thrown back at you like a piece of trash. Oh yes, most of us must have gone through familiar cycle of desertion in relationship or marriage. ‘How do I continue, even If I pretend? I cannot sleep in the night. The ache I feel in my soul cannot be assuaged by the most profound combinations of pills. Is this life? Get trodden or trolled? You’re a loser in both ways.’ Read Dianne full story below;

I got back from a really stressful day at work at the new site of my interior design project. I sipped some juice, clear out the garbage for the council and hurriedly navigate down the community soccer field in the suburbs. I promised my daughter I was going to attend the evening soccer game where she’s the goal. I’d expected Brad to meet me up at the venue.

I was fully immersed into the game now that it is a tie and both teams pressing hard into each other’s box 32 to edge a win. It is 7:30 in the evening, but Brad is yet to show up. Time clocks forward, game is over, it finished with a 2-2 tie, and time is quarter past 8, still no show or scintilla of Brad. This is unusual of my boyfriend of the last three and the half years. (more…)