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Tapping into the Power of Compliment


As a manager, a good compliment to your team might just save your best employees from going to the competition. As parent a real compliment can help reinforce positive behaviors in your kids. A fine compliment can help mend a broken relationship and restore hope. A true compliment to a neighbor or colleague can improve a sense of belongingness and acceptance. A timely compliment can inspire great things in others. A sincere compliment can uplift spirits and empower lost souls. A good compliment is not pride, is not flirtatious, is not artificial and it is not far-reaching for anything than admiring good traits and qualities in the other person.


I Feel For Ya


We are all on the run; the highway of life
Some navigating to the bypass of “nothingness”
Some are stuck in the junction
While a few did made it home

One runner said “look here for a moment”
Mother “I made it”, yay “I nailed it”
…And it was worth it but I’ve seen terrible things
Many things trouble me but these few give me more concern

The nude lady who moans of being catcalled


The Rich vs. the Poor Mentality: 44 Striking Ideologies of the Poor and the Rich

Poor vs Rich

The poor says if I am rich
The rich says when I am rich

The poor says it has never been done before
The rich says it can be done

The poor always see a problem
The rich always see opportunities

The poor entertains fear
The rich exercise faith

The poor says I cannot invest
The rich says how can I invest

The poor bows at first attempt
The rich keep pushing for success

The poor says “all things are done, nothing is new”
The rich looks for ways to innovate on existing ideas

The poor spends all his income
The rich understands the rule of compound interest

The poor is always waiting for the next paycheck
The rich is working on the next million dollar idea

The poor only remembers “the love of money is the root of all evil”
The rich knows “the lack of money is the scheme of the devil”

Distance Travelled By Millennial Generation

“I want to eat my cake and have it’, this is what a HR manager said when referring to the new influx of millennial generations they have to hire to replace retiring baby boomers. He described them as opportunistic driven and ill-mannered crop of hippies with the trademark ‘I want it my way, don’t get in my way’.

Who are the millennial generation? Millennial generation refers to those born between early 80’s and the new millennial, year 2000. Neil Howe and William Strauss, authors of the 1991 book Generations: The History of America’s Future, 1584 to 2069, are often credited with coining the term. They are also called generation Y, trophy generation, newcomers, digital generation, new age generation, generation Me, Peter pan or Boomerang generation.

What is particular about this generation? They have become increasingly important because they are the most educated, trendy, exposed, technology savvy and toughest generation to manage when compared with baby boomers (born between 1946 – 1964), Generation X (1965 – 1979) and even Generation Z (2000 to present day).  Millennials (or generation Y) have become a dominant force in the labor market and recently become the largest share of the American workforce according to new Pew Research Center analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data. (more…)

Celebrate Yourself


It was a sunny day in Japuta, an island north of the fossil mountains. There goes a young hunter named Nick arriving from a five days sojourn in the forest. He lived beside the dark forest which leads to the greenest meadows and gargantuan fountain with the purest water you ever found. But no one dare go through the dark forest except you are on a suicide mission. The forest in recent times became the dwelling of wild life including cat family, reptiles and bears. In the time past, it was not so. Most residents where farmers, hunters, scavengers and adventurers. They were able to create a formidable network of fighters and artisans who designed and built a path through the dark forest that no wild life can penetrate.

Nick as a young hunter is a descendant of the first chief hunter in Japuta. He possesses accurate marksmanship, steel, rugged and able to dissolve threat easily. He survives by hunting game, nuts, berries and rummaging the forest for vintage treasures. He was being courted by many young women. He often tells them story of his different conquests and how beautiful the pasture and fountain beyond the dangerous dark forest of Japuta. He alone goes into the dark forest and hunt as civilization made residents to turn back on such venture and thus, redirected their wards to western education. (more…)

Everything is Mathematics

Be a good student of life mathematics

Be a good student of life mathematics. (photo via britishcouncil)

It is the beginning of spring down here south and I joined the fellas for a game of soccer for the first time in the year. I noticed changes in people and the vibe was different compared to the previous season. Halfway into our warm-ups, a fight ensued between two ladies who came to cheer their man friends. I was flabbergasted that two young ladies in their twenties who appeared decent in demeanor could result into fatal violence in open field. We paused the session to stop the scuffle but it seems a larger sect would like to see the end of the fight. In fact, it was like a round match of women UFC match, only that I do not think these ones have insurance to cover injuries suffered from broken bottles.

There it dawned on me that everything is mathematics. Mathematics resolve truth by seeking out patterns, permutations, shapes, motions, logic, structure, change, space,… probability. (more…)

25 Reasons Why You Should Not Marry

wedding couples

The thought of marriage can be scary in this pop culture where the institution has been rightly maligned by the very parties that should have upheld the tenets of the union ‘the husband and the wife’. Marriage is not a playing ground; neither is it a testing site to practice the craft of bonding. It is Showtime and many couple falters as expectations become farther from reality day by day.

When I was younger, I told my dad that marriage is not meant for me just because I do not want to be hurt or hurt someone. But then in my culture, it is expected after school, get a job. When gainfully employed, marriage should be your next agenda. A year later everyone, even your pets are expecting your first born, and this be done at age 30.

In my little exposure and from years of counseling others, I have come to understand that marriage is not meant for everyone. And it will be good for someone to understand what is being requested of the institution and ask ‘am I cut for all these’? Below I highlight from my own experience 25 reasons why you should not marry; (more…)