Tapping into the Power of Compliment


As a manager, a good compliment to your team might just save your best employees from going to the competition. As parent a real compliment can help reinforce positive behaviors in your kids. A fine compliment can help mend a broken relationship and restore hope. A true compliment to a neighbor or colleague can improve a sense of belongingness and acceptance. A timely compliment can inspire great things in others. A sincere compliment can uplift spirits and empower lost souls. A good compliment is not pride, is not flirtatious, is not artificial and it is not far-reaching for anything than admiring good traits and qualities in the other person.

The wisest and richest King as told by the biblical account of the Old Testament, King Solomon, once wrote “Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.” The best pleasantry you can give to anyone is a good compliment. It goes a long way for both the giver and receiver. What does compliment achieve for you and the recipient? Compliment sounds good to the ear of the receiver like a spring of joy, a fountain of hope and a warm well of confidence. For the giver, a whole lot more. Helps relieve communication numbness, pressure and tension, angst of unease, heat of jealousy or envy.  You become a magnifier. How come? You magnify people’s strength. You got anyone having a bad day, look for a soothing compliment to distract them from their pain for a second and there they are; bubbling with joy.

You want to win more friends, make others smile, earn people’s trust, secure someone’s attention, woo a fine lady, attract good vibes, seal that deal, exchange positive energy, generate good sales, encourage the team, create a special moment for that person, save the day or brightens someone’s day… Then think of a good true compliment, and puff! Just like that, you have performed a miracle and changed the game.  And guess what? You are a winner, a game changer and lifesaver. Never miss an opportunity to pass a good compliment. Let go of the ill attitude and reach a new altitude of humanity when you revel in someone else’s adulation.

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