The Rich vs. the Poor Mentality: 44 Striking Ideologies of the Poor and the Rich

Poor vs Rich

The poor says if I am rich
The rich says when I am rich

The poor says it has never been done before
The rich says it can be done

The poor always see a problem
The rich always see opportunities

The poor entertains fear
The rich exercise faith

The poor says I cannot invest
The rich says how can I invest

The poor bows at first attempt
The rich keep pushing for success

The poor says “all things are done, nothing is new”
The rich looks for ways to innovate on existing ideas

The poor spends all his income
The rich understands the rule of compound interest

The poor is always waiting for the next paycheck
The rich is working on the next million dollar idea

The poor only remembers “the love of money is the root of all evil”
The rich knows “the lack of money is the scheme of the devil”

While the poor is thinking about the past
The rich is thinking of the present

While the poor is stuck in today
The rich is already thinking of tomorrow

The poor says I cannot afford it
The rich says how can I afford it

At most the poor strives for comfort and mediocrity
At the least, the rich strives for success and sustainability

The poor easily blames everyone but himself
The rich take responsibility for all his struggles

The poor is always looking for the easy way out
The rich is always looking for the most fulfilling

The poor always think the society owes them
The rich think they owe the society

The poor always think most rich people are corrupt
The rich know for sure that poor people are just lazy

The poor only seeks school education
The rich seeks more – life, business, street…

The poor thinks that most rich people were born rich
The rich understands the principle of value creation

The poor thinks all business decision is risky
The rich understands the principle of calculated risk

The poor have excuse for almost anything
The rich knows “only failures have excuses”

The poor spends their spare time reading news
The rich spends their spare time making the news

The poor vocabulary has a lot of “I” or “they”
The rich vocabulary has a lot of “we”

The poor thinks money is so important than time
The rich understands “time is money”

The poor loves to copy and compete
The rich loves to create and complement

The poor seeks amateur advice
The rich seeks expert advice

The poor thinks how to save more
The rich thinks not only to save but make more

The poor thinks of losing because of fear of failure
The rich thinks of winning because it leads to success

At most, the poor talks and dreams about success
At the least, the rich do something about it

The poor works hard not to get fired
The rich works hard because “he rather be self-made”

The poor greatest asset is their bank account (if they had any)
The rich’s greatest asset is their education (not school academics)

The poor is always broke and stays broke
The rich can be broke but never stays broke

The poor invests in liabilities
The rich invests in assets

The poor seek work experience for what they can earn
The rich seek work experience for what they can learn

The poor thinks true riches is money in the bank
The rich have come to realize true riches is health and happiness

The poor are often trapped by poverty mentality
The rich have a financial independence disposition

The poor waits for a perfect opportunity
The rich makes the best of every opportunity

The poor is thinking of building a saving
The rich is thinking of building a fortune

The poor allows tough economic situation outlast them
The rich outlast tough economic situation before it sinks them

The poor have the liver of a jelly fish
The rich have the gut of a mountain lion

The poor only sees through the eyes
The rich sees through the lenses of the mind

The poor seeks to criticize and eventually agonize
The rich seeks to analyze and learn to economize

The poor leaves no inheritance for his children
The rich leaves inheritance for his children’s children

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