Month: November 2015

24 Children of Disobedience


Delayed obedience is disobedience
Incomplete obedience is disobedience
Fake obedience is disobedience
Misplaced obedience is disobedience
Lustful obedience is disobedience
Abusive obedience is disobedience (more…)

Distance Travelled By Millennial Generation

“I want to eat my cake and have it’, this is what a HR manager said when referring to the new influx of millennial generations they have to hire to replace retiring baby boomers. He described them as opportunistic driven and ill-mannered crop of hippies with the trademark ‘I want it my way, don’t get in my way’.

Who are the millennial generation? Millennial generation refers to those born between early 80’s and the new millennial, year 2000. Neil Howe and William Strauss, authors of the 1991 book Generations: The History of America’s Future, 1584 to 2069, are often credited with coining the term. They are also called generation Y, trophy generation, newcomers, digital generation, new age generation, generation Me, Peter pan or Boomerang generation.

What is particular about this generation? They have become increasingly important because they are the most educated, trendy, exposed, technology savvy and toughest generation to manage when compared with baby boomers (born between 1946 – 1964), Generation X (1965 – 1979) and even Generation Z (2000 to present day).  Millennials (or generation Y) have become a dominant force in the labor market and recently become the largest share of the American workforce according to new Pew Research Center analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data. (more…)

We Are In the Result Business José Mourinho

Jose and Eva

What do we make of Chelsea Football Club and the embarrassing poor run of the English premier league reigning champion in the 2015/16 season?

Couples of bad results and the pressure is on you to deliver. No one is paying you for drama at that stage but to deliver. When all you can do is find excuses for 7 losses in 12 games, then you know the spotlight is on you. The football association is not the problem, the referees are not the problem here nor the media. It is the manager and the players that are the main reason why a league champion would have the worst start in the premier league era.

At some point, I believe Roman Abramovich (Chelsea owner) has to have an honest discussion with Mourinho. This relationship is not working out, even if the fans wants you here but this is already a perpetual omen for the club. “You have everything at your disposal and we have find ourselves in this hot mess, I don’t think this is the kind of club I want to build”. Everyone is perplexed at the moment why José still have a job. Roman is known not to be this patient. Since 2004 Roman bought the club he has sacked 10 managers despite temporary dip in form from successful managers. (more…)

3 Emotional Truths

Emotional TorL

The pivotal seat of human senses is built in her emotional spectrum. The emotions each of us exhibit defines us. Our emotions flows from the sinews of our thoughts, how we process events and what we hope to either interpret, express or achieve by certain mode of actions. The concept of intelligence has recently shifted from the sole concept of academic prowess, street wisdom, technical developed skills or naturally in-grained talents; to emotional intelligence. Talent is not enough for would-be successful manager of people and life’s events. Life events can be predicted but the turn of events is a grey matter. So are people, they change, evolve and distort unannounced.

As we are all different people with different finger prints, so are our emotional configurations. We have folks with weak emotions, those with no emotions and the rest with strong emotions. Recognizing this fact helps you deal with people in different scenarios. A lot of people act on impulse while few take rational decision based on well driven thought process. This is highly impacted by each individual’s emotional configurations.


I Don’t Want To Grow Up


I love being the child

Babies never have to cook or clean up

They are catered for every single hour

I want to be carried over and swung every time

I love every morning ritual

Bathed for, cared for, dressed for….