Selfishness is Good Business


The journey of life is not complete in the entirety of its existence when apt privileges fail to serve its very purpose. The long drive to be successful and accomplished is deeply in-grained in the human DNA, whether it is for the better or worse of the lot. Regardless, the glory of self comes to play in the theatre of dreams.

Selfishness is often seen as a dark expression of oneself over the common good. In some school of thoughts, it is seen as the root cause of the ills in the society. At the tail end of all contemporary issues we face in the world, you’ll trace scintilla of self coming to play big time. Terrorism, corruption, crime, scam, homicide and abuse; all emanated from the selfish ideology of some few.

In another light, I thought to myself the best way to overcome a weakness is to use it to grow strength rather than be allowed to be flawed by it. I study successful people and community around me and noticed they have been selfish to some extent to be able to attain that singular success they celebrate today. Yes! Successful people are some of the most selfish people in the world. They were selfish unto a good purpose and it serves them right.

In what ways are successful people selfish? They make their selves and the attainment of their dreams top priority. What could this possibly mean? Their time, money, love, cravings, friends, family, resources are being sacrificed (or substituted) to attain their goals first. At the beginning you often get backlash and negative press but they never understand your hustle. Later, the same people that castigated you and question your every move will celebrate you for the success you’ve made of yourself.

Selfishness is good business if well vested. Build you first, make you first, and do you first. Use all you have (people, power and properties) to your advantage. That road sometimes might be lonely, not as eventful as wished or seems you are missing out. Do not sweat about a thing; you’re building you. You’re not missing out, being mean, discriminating or anti-social. You’re simply self-fish. You’re fishing for yourself. Notwithstanding, there is always a balance. Always go about your selfish business within the rule of law and espoused values and standards.

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