Month: January 2015

25 Reasons Why You Should Not Marry

wedding couples

The thought of marriage can be scary in this pop culture where the institution has been rightly maligned by the very parties that should have upheld the tenets of the union ‘the husband and the wife’. Marriage is not a playing ground; neither is it a testing site to practice the craft of bonding. It is Showtime and many couple falters as expectations become farther from reality day by day.

When I was younger, I told my dad that marriage is not meant for me just because I do not want to be hurt or hurt someone. But then in my culture, it is expected after school, get a job. When gainfully employed, marriage should be your next agenda. A year later everyone, even your pets are expecting your first born, and this be done at age 30.

In my little exposure and from years of counseling others, I have come to understand that marriage is not meant for everyone. And it will be good for someone to understand what is being requested of the institution and ask ‘am I cut for all these’? Below I highlight from my own experience 25 reasons why you should not marry; (more…)

Charlie Hebdo: Ready To Die For An Idea

Charlie Hebdo Newspaper Attack

A terrible start for year 2015. The world paused for a moment second week into the new year when devilish terrorists attacked France’s satirical weekly tabloid, Charlie Hebdo (French slang word for weekly) right in the heart of Paris. A city known for political tranquil and constituted freedom of expression. It would appear some are still living in the bondage of their idiotic ideology that believe it is the sleet of thunder in-substitute of rain that grows garden flowers. It was an untold turbulence and the world peace melted but for a second if at all any part of the world experience ceaseless dews of bliss. (more…)