When It Comes To Sex, Everyone Is A Suspect


It was a foggy Sunday morning, and it is customary for the family to attend quarterly thanksgiving service at the city cathedral. It was going to be a communion service and catching up on familiar faces that were off due to the recent winter break. Elizabeth and Rick have been married for a decade and blessed with two beautiful daughters – Kate and Grace. Rick is an ordained minister in their local church. It is 7am in the morning, the alarm rung and it is time to take shower and have breakfast. Everyone getting prepared but Rick is nowhere to be found. Elizabeth suspects he must be out jogging in the early morning or busy on his laptop in the attic room. Service starts by 9am, the family is expected to leave home for church by 8:40am. It normally takes them between 15minutes to drive to church.

Where is Dad? Shouted Grace, the youngest of their children. In no time, in frenzy utterance, she called her dad out again. This is because she will be participating in a lip sync battle at the morning Sunday school. Mom, where is daddy? Is he not taking us to church this morning? I am having a lip sync battle in the junior church, I don’t want to be late. In a stern response “Hey sweetie, Dad is somewhere preparing as well, now finish eating your cereals so I can clean up’. Albeit, Elizabeth does not have an inkling of Rick’s whereabouts. She saw him last when he used the bathroom few minutes after the alarm buzzed.

It is 8:45am, Elizabeth and the Kids are all set for the service, waiting on dad to drive them to church. Where is Rick? Elizabeth had to shout and the Kids chorused “daddy, daddy, daddy come out we’ll soon be running late’. Everyone went panicking and about to call emergency line. She first tried calling his mobile line but he did not pick up. Elizabeth, now about to dial the emergency line, with hands shaking terribly while trying to play calm in front of the daughters. Suddenly Rick showed up at the door in joggers, and everyone thought, ‘oh, he went past time on his early morning exercise.’ Normally, he would jog around the neighborhood for thirty minutes and do some stretch for another 10 minutes at the basement.

Unfortunately, they got to church a little later than planned but Grace was just in time for her Sunday school activity. Also, Rick could not find his phone and worried where his could have been. It was palm service as usual and they proceeded home after the service. They got home before noon and it was a going to be a big lunch with friends from church since Grace had birthday day prior and wanted to host some of her friends. Two hours later, lunch is going to be ready in few minutes while the kids are playing hide and seek. Then the bell rang, someone must have seen Rick’s phone in the boulevard that curves right into the street. Kate the eldest was just hiding behind the door as per the hide and seek game. She met the gentleman who recognized Rick from the neighborhood and saw his wallpaper to recognize that he either had the phone or know the owner.

Rick was having discussion with guests that came around on last night NFL action. Kate was in a hurry to catch up on the phone and she proceeded to the kitchen and gave her mother the phone. Then she called her back. Hey sweetie, your dad’s battery is down, can you please get the charger! As she was about to give the phone back to Kate, a SMS message beeped on the iPhone and it read ‘thanks boo this morning hot sizzling sex was on point. I wish I can have you all day. I will be waiting for you as usual tomorrow morning’. Elizabeth become numb at the instance, she was bewildered, reddened and about to scream. Kate, oblivious to what is going on, she quipped ‘Mum, can I go and come back. I want to go play with my friends’. Elizabeth trying to keep her calm in front of her daughter and guests around. She responded cruelly, ‘you can go darling, I got this’. Next, she left the steak she was preparing and wanted to know who the lady screwing her husband. Panting and breathing heavily, she managed to look up the contact and found she is the divorcee in her early 30s living close by.

>>>>>>>> She could not hold it together when she discovered from his phone history that the odd romance started two months ago, exactly around the time Rick started this early morning fitness. In a fit of anger, she yelled in front of the guests and shouted ‘Rick, Rick, Rick! Where were you this morning’? Unknowingly to Rick that Elizabeth had his phone. He said ‘Honey, I jogged around the bloc as usual’. Elizabeth becoming more furious and lost her temper, and probe him further ‘Liar, who is this on your phone’, she threw the phone at him and started crying. The guests were befuddled as they thought they were perfect couple and role models for all other believers from the church. Later, it was found out that Rick was not only having hot romance with the next street lady but also the nanny who looked after their children twice a week, Elizabeth’s sister, a grocery store attendant, and the band leader from their local church.


This incidence caused the fallout of the family and few months later they divorced. Regardless of title, age, appearance, race, status, culture, discipline or background; when it comes to sex, everyone is a suspect. Look after your own!

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