Month: December 2014

New Year Resolution: Offloading Deadweight

blank list of resolutions on blackboard

As we are gearing up into the New Year, this moment is the perfect time to review, reflect and react. Consider yourself as a ship that has limited capacity on what it can accommodate for it to transit between shores. When a ship is overloaded, it begins to sink because it is running on over capacity.

The year 2014 probably for most of us came with its ups and down, peak and valley, wax and wane. At the beginning of the year, most of us had that thought of what we hope to achieve at the turn of the year. Some of us even penned this down to keep track of goals as they are being met. However, as for many of us, it was all a dream that never materialized. Would you know what is holding you back? (more…)

I Feel Like Screaming


People think I am crazy but I am not

I have once screamed and someone heard seizure

I am no noise maker but I like to sound-

Just sometimes, I ran the decibels


Once upon a time

A little boy of mine was born

Introduced to the most busiest of bus stations-

Oshodi, Lagos is the community


When It Comes To Sex, Everyone Is A Suspect


It was a foggy Sunday morning, and it is customary for the family to attend quarterly thanksgiving service at the city cathedral. It was going to be a communion service and catching up on familiar faces that were off due to the recent winter break. Elizabeth and Rick have been married for a decade and blessed with two beautiful daughters – Kate and Grace. Rick is an ordained minister in their local church. It is 7am in the morning, the alarm rung and it is time to take shower and have breakfast. Everyone getting prepared but Rick is nowhere to be found. Elizabeth suspects he must be out jogging in the early morning or busy on his laptop in the attic room. Service starts by 9am, the family is expected to leave home for church by 8:40am. It normally takes them between 15minutes to drive to church.

Where is Dad? Shouted Grace, the youngest of their children. In no time, in frenzy utterance, she called her dad out again. This is because she will be participating in a lip sync battle at the morning Sunday school. Mom, where is daddy? Is he not taking us to church this morning? I am having a lip sync battle in the junior church, I don’t want to be late. In a stern response “Hey sweetie, Dad is somewhere preparing as well, now finish eating your cereals so I can clean up’. Albeit, Elizabeth does not have an inkling of Rick’s whereabouts. She saw him last when he used the bathroom few minutes after the alarm buzzed. (more…)

What’s Your Selling Point?


Selling isn’t part of the game, selling is the game.

I remembered when I was first introduced to UPS- unique selling point or proposition. It sounded like another cliché or the courier company. I have come to understand that UPS which also will mean selling point is basically your coveted strengths and harnessed opportunities. Your selling point is what unique potential or talent you have that differentiates from the other 7 billion people on this planet. How is that even possible in this copycat culture? Yes, that is possible. (more…)

I Still Smile

Mickey Smile

There is a hole in my heart, every day is a blessing

I have got hard accent but none can silence my voice

I have health issues but my daily task is met

I lost my job but I must survive


This morning was shitty but I made it to work

They are trying to pull me down but still floating

Hunger fought me for days, tap water to the rescue

I lost the fight, my back to training ground


My Super Smart Salad


Y’all check out my super smart salad! Smart? Like how? Yea! Like the Samsung smart TV. Do not test me, I’ve aced already. I can instruct this salad to talk. It has so many nutrients including vitamins, minerals, protein, cabs … I can dialogue with. In fact, if I want I can dial up protein, or ping cabs… yes! I can do all that. Right now, I just want to Tumblr on the fruit. This is a super smart salad, no kidding hey! It has the perfect blend of a balanced diet. Stay with me….

My super smart salad allows you to do all those ‘smart’ things you do with a smart TV Set. For instance, a smart TV comes with video conferencing, I can share my salad with friends and family real time without internet brouhaha. My dinning is my conference room. My social integration is so much on point! My eating spoon is the remote. I can decide to take a chunk of the pomegranate arils or squeeze out the blueberry juice for additional excitement. (more…)