We all have such moments, that you go, oh damn it! Can’t these doctors know anything? You start panicking about a loved one in hospital and you possibly don’t know if you are to find tenancy in the wards or stay home or take time off work. Able is just thinking, what if I can see her health status online with full updates and doctor’s comments and further suggestions. Won’t that be nice? At least, UPS gave us that miracle for our material shipped goods. Wait for it!


Haven’t you been pissed-off when you go to hospitals to check a relative or family, and the doctor is off shift and the nurses won’t be able to tell you the reality of what you are dealing with? Yea, I have been there. No one seems to know the latest, you will have to wait for them to perform series of test to give you best judgment. In fact the ‘treated’ is just lying there fallow, not knowing where he or she ends next. Sometimes, it gets so sullen, the patient is sleeping or on medications, he or she won’t be able to see anyone till the next day or attending doctor is on another call.


Your second son is studying linguistics in Europe and he felt ill. Recently, the illness got caught on him that he could barely eat or make about his regular academic routine. All you know that he was rushed off to hospital early this morning, his roommate reports. Now, you are so worried at the situation of things. You couldn’t have travelled because of work commitments. Your heart is beating so fast, you want to know the real time situations but you have to wait until your son calls. You want to know the latest, you waited but your son wouldn’t call. You called the hospital every half minute, all you were told was they are running some test. You are losing concentration at place of work. Later on you found out he is just been diagnosed with lung cancer and that is all for now. You want to talk with him to really understand the situation of things but he is sleeping. This is the third day, and finally you are just waiting for when he’s fully regained consciousness. Imagine the duress, if you are the father


You got home from work and find out yellow tapes around the entrance of your house. Why? Your spouse was just been rushed to the hospital in the morning. Your neighbor noticed she lost consciousness during a heated debate on Ray Rice NFL Scandal. Someone said she is being quarantined for an ‘unknown ebola-like virus’ and incommunicado to anyone since then. You have only been away for the weekend for a business summit. How come, you never noticed any symptoms of anything that could have gone wrong with her? Poor you! Sometimes viral illness don’t send notice. How do you get authentic information of what is wrong with her? You got to hospital and all you were told that she is under intensive care. 1 hr., 2 hrs…6 hrs… gone. Oh boy, you’re still waiting. Imagine what must have been going through the mind of this fellow.


Your brother-in-law is extremely sick. He recently became your career mentor and helped secure your first job. You seem so concerned, even more than that his sister, your wife. As a church goer, you want to try out the intercessory team. You have often had that the team prays for, and with people for different issues from illness to joblessness to divorce issues. As at when you tendered your prayer request, you just knew he was diagnosed of failing heart and not sure what he was really dealing with. When discussing with the co-coordinator of the team you were blank on the real situation and status report. They would need status report week in week out to know how to direct prayers. Do you have the report? No. Only what your wife tells you, and yet she could only tell you when she is opportune in her weekend off every two weeks.


Your dad is A-list celebrity who is being treated in John Hopkins Hospital for a fatal injury he sustained during skiing. About 100 phone calls coming through your phone every minute from news agency, family, friends and different empathy groups. You had to carry a phone charger and extra battery everywhere like a ‘road side mechanic’. You have not done this before, your dad is divorce and you are the only born. You are totally pissed-off, why can’t they all speak with the physician attending to him. Won’t it be nice for all interested parties to go online and see hourly updates and unfolding of the health situation rather than the world bombarding you with calls every now and then? That little boy just thinking!


I believe there should be an innovation that can resolve all the cases above. In this modern age, we cannot afford to be limited by the same inertia faced by our ancestors. Why can’t we have track-able health information services that will have all the information and most recent update on hospital patients? How will this work? Each hospital only need to get a real time enabled software that can provide visibility to interested parties on most recent update, needs, tests, developments and treatments on patients. I will call this HST – Health Status Tracking.

All patients are to have HST number when brought into hospital or clinic that it will require to spend more than three hours or on emergency intervention. The log-in and password are automatically generated by Admin and provided to next of kin, law enforcement officers, court or persons with the power of attorney. How awesome! You can check online updates on your sister’s labor. This will require that nurses on shifts are to update the patients HST at least once every hour. At the end of shift, further things can be scanned like X-ray test and diagnostic test results.

Doctors don’t have to always be messenger of bad news and use their time more judiciously dealing with other patients. Family members can track eventualities of loved ones and free physicians from the dreadful experience of having to play the empathy act every time. Imagine someone ask you – how your brother at the hospital is doing? You can say wait, let me check the latest on him, I got his HST. Or better still provide the person with the HST log-in, and they don’t have to call you every time to know his health status.

Will you keep the HST log-in detail for life? Yes but access is only live when you are undergoing treatment at the hospital. It is de-activated 48 hours you must have been discharged or ‘kicked the bucket’. The HST is linked with your Social Insurance number. Why/ so that all your HST issues are consolidated against a data point. One reason, I will advise the platform to be under a government database system, so that law enforcements agency like the court of law or police can have always have access to all your HST against your social insurance number. Why? It may be required for investigative or trial purpose. Database should be maintained with the government. Nonetheless, government can’t seem to do anything without political bootlegging, red-tapism or fetish bureaucracy. Thus, progressive private hospitals can start adopting HST.

I cannot say much on this now, however I can provide a HST schematic for interested parties and highlight cost savings when compared to the current model. One cost saving initiative, is that insurance companies only need your HST and one-time paid access to the federal ministry of health (or private health institution) to have full picture of your health history. This is new, what of lost history, we can start from somewhere, and the coming generations would be fully caught –on. Does Able need to patent this! Yes, or No, he does not have such financial wheel. I would rather let the world become a better a place. You losing it bro! Please if you have the means, go out there and make a difference.


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