Month: October 2014

The Beautiful Attraction and Distraction of the Feminine Gender


Have you ever considered the world made of only men? That would have been the most unimaginable boring world. In popular old culture, the masculine gender runs the show. They are everywhere, from the factory, office to the fore front of technological advancement. Could this be that the ‘man’ is the only entity that can keep the human race and animal world fueled.

When you look into history either through the lens of the evolution of man by Charles Darwin or creation as documented in the book of genesis. The man is a product of the woman, yet the woman is the by-product of the man, so the man is intertwined with the woman. ‘Wo-man’, not only is a man with womb but a man with much width- the curves and cleavages. Say no more, son! (more…)



We all have such moments, that you go, oh damn it! Can’t these doctors know anything? You start panicking about a loved one in hospital and you possibly don’t know if you are to find tenancy in the wards or stay home or take time off work. Able is just thinking, what if I can see her health status online with full updates and doctor’s comments and further suggestions. Won’t that be nice? At least, UPS gave us that miracle for our material shipped goods. Wait for it!

CASE ONE: (more…)