Month: September 2014



Adulthood is not age 18 above, adults are people who can fess up and create the world they want and yet ready to take responsibilities for the choices they make in life. Maturity is not age, it is ability to express oneself within the bounds of dignity. In fact, there is no such thing as maturity, we are constantly evolving. At least, an adult is matured enough to make changes in their life rather than make excuses. Check out what adults do day in day out


He who must eat, must work. When you are younger probably you couldn’t care less about work. Dad and mum or the social service must provide food on the table. When you become a full adult, time for play dials down. If we sleep for 30% of our lives, you can imagine we probably work more, for at least 35% if you are lucky. Adulthood sometimes looks like a prankster, it just tricks you. Before you say Jack Robinson, you got dunked! (more…)

There Is No Excuse

excopA natural man justifies all his actions

It is easy to make excuse

It is easy to blame everyone

The government and the institutions suffers us

Well, there is no excuse

I was supposed to post this piece a week ago, and I reason what is my excuse? Work and family commitments, yet I find time watching fight compilations on vine! Do I want to become a street fighter or challenge Floyd Mayweather Jr for his titles? Nah! Common! I’m better than that- So I hurriedly had to push this through, better late than ever. Forgive the error, get the message. What do we have here>>>>>>>> (more…)


This is a follow up on my previous post….platform-

There can be only one most beautiful girl in the world, one US open champion, one super bowl champion, one US open champion. Congrats to Serena Williams on her 18th Grand Slam. These are platforms that are filled in, some yearly, and others bi-annually. Reason why every girl cannot be the most beautiful girl, or all billionaires the richest in the world. (more…)

Happy New Month! Hit For Gold



Your dreams are possible

With more faith, dedication and hard work they can come to reality

Where you are right now should not deter you from where you want to be

The distance between your reality and your dream is time

What you do with your time transcends to what happens after

Take your chance this month and hit for gold