Month: August 2014


Are the happy ones aliens?

Have you ever met anyone that is all smiles every time? With constant news of war, famine, disappointment, betrayal, loss, discontentment and household or workplace bickering and backstabbing, is it still possible to be find happiness in all of these? Do happy fellows go through LIFE at all? Yes they do, and they are among us. Regardless of how rich or poor, old or young, male or female, tall or short, we all go through LIFE. Life has its ups and down. These aliens don’t look into others to be happy, they are internally wired, self-motivated, see humor in everything and keep smiley faces. They don’t take their self too serious, nether take things too serious but they are serious about their craft and can be tough when required. (more…)


king taster

Who has cooked food and looks so good on the face but the taste is disaster? I once did that to a large group of guests, and I choose not to taste the food because I was so sure of the cooking arrangement. That day, yet to take my bath in the early morning, it was my ethos not to taste anything called food until I brushed and had shower in the morning.
The menu that fateful morning was boiled yam and fried egg. I use spice just like the Chinese when doing my fried egg. Yam was perfectly boiled and good to go. I took my time and added some cayenne pepper, sardine, sesame oil, onions, blended pepper and tomatoes, thyme and magi cubes. It was going to be luscious super. However it was disaster, all other ingredients and spices were good but the egg was spoilt. When I cracked the egg, I did not notice any unfamiliar smell, neither was the yoke out of order. My greatest undoing was I took the time to carefully prepare the meal for the guests without tasting the dishes. (more…)



I often hear repeated moaning  “why I don’t have the opportunity some of these successful people like Steve Jobs, Barack Obama, Kiichiro Toyoda, Jack Welch, Tiger Woods, Michael Eisner or Beyonce”. I just thought of something, these are not overnight success. Were they talented? Yes they are, am I different… I suck, I get it. But wait, come to think of it, these people could have only climbed up because they were successful on a platform, and from there propels to a bigger platform and they keep going at it. Every one started from somewhere,  Apple started from a garage, Coca-Cola  from carbonated water, Disney from Mickey…. what am I starting? How do I get better at it? …..

What is my platform? Forget about tomorrow, just here and now. My platform could be my five team members in my company, my country neighborhood, my grade 10 class, or the front counter at Walmart. What impact have I made in my circle of influence that warrants the world to give me a bigger stage?



If we can stop world war 2, we can stop rape

If we can stop world war 2, we can stop rape


As I parade this new thoughts of mine. I hope you join me in raising the flag campaign ‘IF YOU CANNOT MAKE HER, DON’T RAPE HER’. Let’s hop on this horse and make the world a better place for all.

About 1 in 5 women report having experienced rape or attempted rape at some point in their lives, according to a 2011 Centers of Disease Control and Prevention survey. Yet rape remains one of the most significantly underreported crimes; only about three out of every 100 rapists serve time, according to the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network

This piece represents the final chapter on the topic I have been ruminating these past few weeks. I have once imagined a world where our girls and children, our wife and mother, our boys and men would walk and live freely and secured in their neighborhoods without the fear or possibility of sexual violence or rape. Can we get there? Hmnnn… Yes, may be! Only if we were in Jupiter, some will say. All human vices can be tamed and control, only if there are more dis-incentives then incentives to commit those grievous crime against humanity. Where do we stand? Let’s ask Ms. Pepples (to get full idea of Ms. Pepples, please read part-1 and part-2) (more…)