Month: February 2014

I Want To Be A Celebrity

The thirst for the big scene boils in my soul and I can’t seem to find myself. Sounds strange! This guy wants to be at the center of all the big noise. Here we go, lets permit reason to mate reality. Oh-oh, I am in battle with myself. I am seriously yoked with validation syndrome. I want to be seen busy, feel accepted and complimented always. Seriously I want my ego to be fed, and what are you laughing about?

A Star comes to Town
A music star comes to town. Now I am talking to myself, yes my very self, what values do I extol as a person? Somewhat at the very least, I am not a zero-value being. Let’s jump the gun as I reconfigure this in my mind. I assume media, record labels, paparazzi, sponsors, ranters will want to profit from anything that will enhance their monetary quotient, even if my madness pays a higher prime. Well, that is not all golden true, someone can be as darling as Celine Dion or kosher as Andrea Bocelli, yet without living the life of endangered celeb-species we have come to know in recent times. Drop the popular secret: it is the odd lives that makes business for tabloids such as Ok! , People, Lifestyles, Star, US Entertainment or Weekly. (more…)